How do i do "Multiplayer Modeling" in SketchUp For Schools?

I checked “” but all of the articles are for devices I do not own. What do I do, or is it not available in the edition I’m using?

SketchUp isn’t intended for “multi-player modeling”. It only works with one user at a time. If you can work with it on your school’s network, you could use a screensharing service like GoToMeeting and give the other person control of your screen.

Hi @Hyper-V, thanks for the post! DaveR is correct in that SketchUp does not currently support multiple users editing the same file. If you want to share a file with different users there are a number of ways to distribute the file to others but they would all have their own unique version of the file though. My favorite is the 3D Warehouse.

If you need to show a user how to do something, DaveR is correct again in that using a screen sharing program would be the right way to go.

I can’t comment on future versions of SketchUp and what features we may or may not be working on but I can say that you are not the first person to suggest this as an idea and I personally think that it would be pretty neat to add if possible.

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i have seen on the help fourm that it was available in beta in 2021

Where did you see that?

There is a collaboration feature with Trimble Connect in which multiple users can be set up to have access to the same SketchUp files in a Project. The file can be checked out by a user to be worked on but there’s still no option for several users to work on the file at the same time. In order to have access to this I believe all users would need SketchUp Go, Pro, or Studio subscriptions.

That is in the VR Viewer as it says on the page. This not SketchUp for Schools. The viewer does not allow for any modifications to the model. It’s just for looking at the model.

ohhh ok