Sharing files in SketchUp for Schools

While using SketchUp for Web, I noticed that it is possible for users to share models for viewing with others online directly in a browser. However, this functionality does not exist in SketchUp for Schools, and it would be an enormous help for teachers to be able to see students’ work via a sharing link rather than sending in SKP files.

Is there any chance that Sharing will be an option in SketchUp for Schools in the future?

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In a perfect world, I would love for SketchUp for Schools to include not only online sharing as is possible with Trimble Connect in SketchUp Web, but also a way for students to collaborate on a shared document in real time as they would a group project.

Right now, since SketchUp for Schools does not allow collaboration in any form, I have tried to be creative by getting students to delegate tasks for a project and then have them all combine their parts for the final file.