User Overlap With SketchUp Files On Google Drive File Stream

The company I work at is changing over to Google Drive and Google Drive File Stream and removing local file directories, and we have found a major issue.

When two or more people open the same SketchUp file, there is no notice of the file being open by another user. Also, SketchUp allows everyone to save (not a forced save as), and when a user comes back to the file later they find that none of their work was saved.

I know this is probably a Google Drive issue or a “Don’t work from a network” issue. But it would be good if SketchUp had more network / multi-user integration.

Use Trimble connect, then

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Best practice is to not work on files stored in the cloud but to download them to a local drive and sync them back after making changes. If SketchUp tried to do an autosave and there’s a network problem. issues can develop in the file. We’ve seen cases where SKP files have become corrupted in situations like this and are unrecoverable.

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Yes. Don’t work from a “cloud”.

I use two “BIM” packages, Archicad and Revit. They have multi-user properties, but both require the installation of special server software to work. I think the Apple-owned database program FileMaker has some limited multiuser support even when running from the desktop.

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