Saving SketchUp files directly to the server

Hi, I have an ongoing issue with not being able to save my sketch up files onto the shared drive as the file then corrupts and I can no longer open it.

Do we have a solution for it , we are working on the MAC computer

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This a well known issue.
It is not just SketchUp that can have issues with saving edited files run from a network locationā€¦
You are recommended to always work on locally saved versions of the SKP filesā€¦ and then sync [copy] them back to the serverā€™s set when work is done, or perhaps using some network tools that work ā€˜behind the scenesā€™ to automate thisā€¦

I save mine to a Windows file share (server) all the time. No issues at all.

Do we have any alternate solution apart from saving the file locally and syncing to shared drive

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