Problem saving files on network - Security Permissions Erased


Since I’ve updated to the new SKP2023Pro 23.0.419 I’m having problems saving files on the network.
If I save the file on the desktop all is good, but if I save the file directly on the office network, somehow, skp disables the security permissions of the file, and therefore, it is impossible to save on top.
I need to go to the file and manually add an user to the windows security permisions.
Does anyone come accross this issue and have a suggestion to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.

  • Make sure no other instance of SketchUp is running. (Perhaps restart your computer)
  • Find your downloaded installer file - (or download a fresh copy from [here: Download All | SketchUp - right click on that installer file and chose Run as administrator.
  • When prompted chose Repair. Let the repair finishes.
  • Restart your computer.
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It’s worth noting that it is generally not recommended working and saving files directly to a network.
If there are any fluctuations in the pipeline while saving the files they can become corrupt.
Many people go an entire career without an issue, but the majority of people with corrupt files can usually be tracked to a network issue.

I would assume that SketchUp is not being run with the correct permissions on your system - this is probably a question for your IT team.

SketchUp may have not been installed correctly or you’ve got some other funky shenanigans going on

Dear Dezmo,

Thank you for your help!
It worked!
The install was done using the update option, and maybe there was an error… just managed to make it work.


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