"CFileException 2" error message, won't let me save any file to my PC



Happens with every file, even if it’s empty.
Seems like SKETCHUP PRO has no permission to save files but it could before paying for SKETCHUP PRO (when I used the trial period version)
I can’t do anything now!


When you install SketchUp it must be done properly [like installing any complex app in newer versions of Windows].
Otherwise it will almost certainly mess with file-permissions, toolbars and all other manner of things - in all kinds of unexpected and unpredictable ways…

Here is the only correct way…

As SketchUp is already installed, first ensure that it’s not running at all.
Do the following, whilst logged in to windows as your normal Windows user account.

Find SketchUp’s installer exe file [look in your Downloads folder].
Select its icon.
Right-click > Context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair”
[NOTE: this if for existing installations - otherwise choose “Install”].

When it’s completed restart SketchUp and test it…

Running any installer’s exe file in any other way - e.g. by double-clicking its icon to Run it - is NOT the same as doing it properly - as outlined above.
Also do not install it when logged in as the main-administrator as that can cause other weird issues.
BUT you being an ordinary user who happens to have admin-powers is OK - provided you use the “Run as administrator” option in the context menu to Run it…
AND do never reset the SketchUp.exe program’s permissions to ‘always run as administrator’ - this can temporarily sidestep some permission issues which have resulted from an improper installation, BUT it will cause other unexpected problems - like preventing drag/drop working from Windows-Explorer, which would then be running at a lower permissions level and would therefore be stopped from affecting SketchUp !


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