Fix broken sketchup?

Did you know there are thousands of complaints about your software not saving? Welp, here is another.

Your software, when asked to save, tries to open files that haven’t been created yet instead of just saving the file. Saving a file has been around programming for a very long time as I’m sure you know. SketchUp will NOT save a single thing. It won’t auto-save. It wont save-as. It wont save at all. Period. Not a single thing will it save. Completely useless.

Can you maybe address long time issues that have been plaguing your users for years?

Why would I ever upgrade to pro when your software doesn’t work?

Sketchup has to be installed correctly. Did you right click on the Sketchup installer and choose “Run As Administrator”

Additionally - Saving to the cloud hasn’t been around that long and users are having problems with many software titles.

You should post some more info, error messages and screenshots if you need some help. Others will need to replicate the issue if they are to troubleshoot for you.

I agree it sounds like an install error but I don’t think he’s trying to save to the cloud.

Is there a wrong way to install SketchUp? Suggestion…Maybe fix that?

Win 10 ver.1709 fully updated

SketchUp installed as Administrator.

The key question is were you just using an administrator account when you installed, or were you logged on as a regular user and right-click choose “run as administrator “. Only the second way is assured to install correctly. The first can cause a wide variety of strange errors.

I do have to say that the installer I user gives me a script directive so that the installer does “Run As Administrator”.

With the Inno installer I have


and I have to include the flag runascurrentuser
Flags: runascurrentuser nowait postinstall skipifsilent;

Perhaps Trimble can set this with their Windows installer or at the very least pop up a message telling the user that they need to “Run as Administrator”

I thought it was just standard practice on PC to run installers as admin no matter the software?

Using ‘Run’ on an installer, even when the user has admin privileges, is NOT the same a using ‘Run as administrator’.
Installing it when logged-in as the separate ‘administrator’ account is also a recipe for problems…

Installing any complex app incorrectly can lead to all kinds of unpredictable issues down the line !
Always right-click the installer’s exe icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’…

If SketchUp is already installed close it, then install it correctly [using your normal user account log-in], as outlined above, then choose ‘Repair’ when prompted…

No thats what I meant, you should always ‘Run as admin’ on PC even when logged in as an Admin.

That’s interesting and useful for those who write their own installer. To me it raises two questions: why doesn’t Trimble do something like this in their installer, and why doesn’t Windows itself do this as a matter of course?

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