SketchUp 2017 crashing when attempting to save

Can anyone please help me. I have been trying for quite awhile trying to get sketchup 2017 to run properly on my desktop. I have purchased a license but I am refraining from using it until I get my problem resolved.

I have downloaded the program as an admin and I am able to run the program, that is until I try and save? It immediately crashes every time no matter how large or small my file is. Anyone have any solutions that could help?


When you ran the installer, did you right-click and select “Run as Administrator”? That is not the same as being logged on as an administrator while downloading nor as running the installer while logged on as an administrator. For security reasons, Windows does not allow some operations unless you do the right-click menu selection. SketchUp needs to modify some registry entries to run correctly, and requires this action to get adequate permissions.

Yes I choose to run the installer file as the administrator