Cannot save to SMB network shares

Having an issue where I cannot save new files directly to our office shared drive. I am working on my iMac and files that are saved somewhere local like the desktop work just fine. If I save to any of our network shared folders the file cannot be saved again if I make any edits while it’s still open, and I get errors that it is locked. If I close it andn try to open it in its network folder location it gives the error, “File not found or invalid.” I cannot change any permissions of this folder in the Get Info window and the files cannot be deleted. So far all I have attempted was the steps outlined in the “Did you know that most issues SketchUp on a Mac can be solved in one of two ways?” article

I have all the correct permissions to these shared drives as noted by the fact that any other program that saves to the same location works fine

What OS is hosting the file shares? If Windows. there is a difference between using cifs:// and smb:// to access the network share. You might check how your share is mapped and see if this article helps:

One other thought … if you have the thumbnail previewer enabled and open to the file in question, it may show as locked by another user and prevent you from saving, deleting, or renaming the file. This is dependent on your network share configuration as well as the client configuration (mostly a Windows only problem, however). There’s a thread about that issue:

Thanks jimhami42 for your responses!

I will try and see how a CIFS version of the shared drives handles the saving, but to answer all of your other questions:

Windows Server 2012 and a NAS box are hosting the files currently. Same issue with saving Sketchup files occurs on both. I know the windows thumbnail preview issue does not pertain since I am creating test sketch up files in a folder that no one is using and I am not getting file in use errors.

I am finding that if I save the Sketchup files to the users Mac desktop then transfer them to the shared drive they get the proper permissions and the files are openable (granted when they are opened by a windows user the first time it says the file is in use and closes and when they reopen it right away after it closes it works fine). It’s only when I save the files directly to the shared drive that I have the issue. I can log into the windows server and change the ownership of the files on the shared drive and then they seem okay but this should not be the case. Does Sketchup do anything strange/different when saving files regarding permissions? Like I said, this issue only occurs with Sketchup, saving all other files to the shared drives works fine. Sketchup 8 works fine as well so not sure what is occuring with the newer 2016 version I have

@tkgnicko Have you found a resolution to this problem? We have a similar set up (OS X clients unable to save to a network share). We have AFP support on our Windows server (ExtremeZ-IP), but regardless of the protocol used (AFP, SMB, CIFS/SMB1) we receive the permissions error preventing the save from completing. All other programs can save to the directory in question, and users can drag SketchUp files (or anything else) from the local system to the directory. This is clearly an issue with they way SketchUp interacts with the file system. It’s hard to believe more people do not have this issue as it is a common network architecture in the design world.

It ended up seeming to be a permissions issue with the drive. I simplified
the folder that was being saved to to just domain users and administrators
and my issues went away. It seems sketchup has some hangups about
permissions and is really picky about where it is saving to. This was an
issue for folders where saving things like word documents was fine but only
sketchup was being a problem. Once I simplified permissions the issue with
saving sketchup files seemed to go away