Saved file last night doesn't open the next day (SKP 2017)

File that I was working in last night and saved appeared fine at the time. When I went to open this morning the file was “invalid or not found” - well it can’t be ‘not found’ cause I was looking at it. The other file I was working in is fine. This may be a one-off problem but it’s a concern, since I’ve not had this problem in any prior versions. Will rename the backup file and continue on but the loss of work is an issue. More to come

SKP 2017, MacOS 10.11.6

If you haven’t deleted the damaged file yet, I’d be curious to take a look. It’s unlikely I can recover your data but it would be valuable for us tracking down the root cause.

By any chance, were you saving directly to a network drive or file-sharing system like DropBox or Google Drive?


I did save the file. Was saving to an exchange file server (AFAIK). File attached (I think)