Saving Sketchup Files on a Cloud service

Hey guys, My company uses a 3rd party cloud service (Western Digital MyCloud) to save our files and access them across all of our devices. I have recently switched from using a mid2010 iMac to a Windows laptop. But ever since switching over anything that I save from sketchup into the cloud the entire file basically formats and everything gets lost. Has anyone else experienced this or found a solution to it? its really starting to hinder how we work together in the office and this is basically a last ditch effort lol.

What exactly do you mean by “formats”?

The general wisdom is to only work on and save files on a local (internal) drive and upload/sync the saved .skp file to the cloud location. Keep the original working file saved internally.

i get an error code that pops up when trying to open the file back up saying the file cannot be found.

we’ve been using this system with no problems for almost a decade at this point, only now that I switched from Mac to PC is it happening (which is blasphemy for me to say lol)

Are you uploading the .skp file to the cloud? Or the .skb file?

Are you uploading the file via your sync option or are you trying to save directly from SketchUp to the cloud?

I just saved an .skb file to the cloud and had my coworker switch that from .skb to .skp and that worked. so that’s progress lol. I was initially saving the .skp file into the cloud and it would create the backup .skb file right underneath it and neither of those would work typically. so I might have to stick with your advice and work locally and save the backups onto the cloud. Its just a lot of extra steps that I didn’t have to deal with before

The .skb file is the backup version that SketchUp creates in the same directory as the .skp file is saved so if you are saving directly to the cloud, you should expect the .skb file to be created there, too.

It’s not terribly uncommon to wind up with corrupted files when you are working directly from/to the cloud location. There are many forum threads on this topic from both Mac and PC users. No reason to expect that your experience is due to the operating system. It doesn’t take much of an interruption during a save or autosave to corrupt your file. Thus the advice to save locally and only sync to the cloud when you are finished.

I appreciate you taking your time to help out. I’ll let the guys here know about the steps we’ll have to take from here on out. thanks so much.

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I hope it helps. Might not be the process you want to use but the few extra seconds it takes sure beats the time you might lose with corrupted files.

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