I have been working on a sketchup file for over 2 weeks and saved it everyday. But then everything in it disappeared

So I had been working on a sketchup model that I saved on to my google drive and had been working on it for over 2 weeks. I saved it everyday after finish my work and even set auto save on but today I opened it again and everything in that sketchup file return to my model 2 weeks ago by the first time I opened the file. I’m sure 100% that the file is the one that I have been working on.
Someone help me please.

Saving to the cloud is not recommended.
Best practice is to always save to a local drive, and backup or syncronize to the cloud later.

In Google Drive, if you right-click on the file and choose manage versions, what do see?

um it said “current version” and my file’s name.

Oof rip

With Google Drive, every time you save the file to Drive it saves a version of the current version.

I just created a test txt file saved it, edited it, then saved it again…

If I edited it again and saved, it would create version 2 and so on

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I think my sketchup freezed last time and some kind of glitches happened, there is only 1 version in the manage version thingy which is the current one I’m working on. Thanks for your help anyway XD.

I’m not sure you really heard the advice, saving SketchUp file directly to any cloud service is well known to cause corruption, it’s not recommended. Save locally and backup to the cloud.

That said if you were doing incremental saves over a two week period it’s unlikely your file would spontaneously jump back many saved versions and still work. When cloud save corruptions happen the file generally is permanently broken. There must be something else going on.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp free but your post implies you’ve been using Pro. Which is it?


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