Help with saving SketchUp files to Google Drive?

Hi gang, I have a question regarding saving SU files to google drive? I created folders in google drive and then copied my SU files I had on my desktop to google drive to clear up space on my computer.

When I go into google drive to open the SU file I want to work on i get this window that pops up? Please see attached picture. Ithen “click” on download and my SU file opens, which is good, but, when I make changes to the file and then “click” save. The problem is that when I go back into the file it does not show the changes I had made?

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Thanks alot! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


In order to open the SketchUp file you need to first download it to your computer. You shouldn’t be working on files stored in a cloud location like Google Drive, anyway. You should work on files that are stored locally and only sync those files to the cloud location. There are numerous reports of the process of saving files (SketchUp and other file types) to cloud locations causing the files to be corrupted. Don’t get into that situation.

Look to see where SketchUp is really saving the file. Most likely it’s being saved in the Downloads folder since that’s probably where the download file was saved.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version/license/ the actual OS version and your graphics card.

Thanks Dave, what do you mean about just syncing the files in the cloud?

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version/license/ the actual OS version and your graphics card.

I guess I did not complete my profile??


After you’ve finished working on the file and have saved it locally on your internal drive, upload a copy to your Google drive location replacing the older copy if you don’t want to keep it. Use Google Drive as a place to keep copies of your files as backups.

Ahh… No.

You can download GDRIVE TO your PC to have an sync copy of your gdrive on your PC… then you just use this folder on your PC and the GDRIVE software automatically backs it up to the Google online GDRIVE server… does not save space on your PC but makes your files available anywhere , e.g. you could look at them on your Android pad with Sketchup Viewer… ( as I do when wanting to hand sketch over models on my SAMSUNG
Not a great example but gives you an idea*

I installed Google Team Drive and I have no issues using SU files from Google Drive. I can open and save from within SU just as if it was any other windows drive/folder. Might depend on your connection speed though.

You may get through an entire career without any issues with sync/network/cloud files.
But I can not think of a single occasion when someone on here has asked for help because they have a corrupted file and it’s not been related to it being a non local file.
It only takes one glitch in the chain during save for a problem to occur.


and normally, those people only have that single working file with work of several weeks and month without an backup. Reconstruction of those files is nearly always impossible.


Thanks for all your help guys!! :):slight_smile:


You are not wrong but all of our (University’s) CAD/project files are either stored on a networked server or cloud (which isn’t really all that different) and in almost 10 years since I’ve been here we’ve never had an issue. These directories are ALL backed up every night. I think there is a right way and a “not” right way to store them. This would be the same at any large A/E/C firm as well. None of these would have project files on a local drive. Now perhaps a onesie - twosie architect shop, sure they can get away with having files on local drives. As our IS staff likes to tell all the student, faculty and staff…“It’s not if a hard drive will fail it’s when it will fail! Back up your data!”

Not to argue, but it’s the direction of the backup, keep working on a local file and back up to wherever.
Rather than work on a network file and assume it’s ok.


Good point and nothing wrong with that as well.

Great stuff gang!! Thank you soooo much for all your help!!