Sketchup 2023 synch on Google drive

Why does not a file saved on the PC desktop as SU ver 2023 get overwritten with the same file opened on the notebook using the 2021 SU Pro. The file is saved on Google drive at the [link]
SU 2021 does not say anything when opening the 2023 ver file. I am able to save the file to the Google drive location as 2021 without any message. I notice that the updates I did to file on the notebook does not show when opened from PC.
(BIM1.skp - Google Drive).

I am not 100% sure what you are running into, but if I could say it is receommended that you NEVER save directly to Drive,from SketchUp for Desktop. Threre are a bunch of users having models that cannot be opened, often because of saving to remote storage. Save to a local drive, then move models to Drive to back them up.

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As for what Drive is doing to your files… that seems like a question for Google.

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You see that screenshot where Google Drive is telling you that syncing is ‘up to date?’ You absolutely cannot rely on that. I also got that message when I first started using Google Drive to sync models between my desktop and my laptop and quickly found out that sometimes the files had not been synced. I only have SketchUp Pro 2022 installed on both computers, so I don’t see this as a SketchUp version problem, I see it as a Google Drive problem.

Try doing what I do: every time I go from my desktop to my laptop or vice versa I ‘Pause’ and then ‘Restart’ syncing with Google Drive. I haven’t had any problems since I started doing that. It’s also a good idea to keep syncing turned off while you are modelling to avoid any issues, but I have to admit I never do that because I’m a chronic backer-upper and wouldn’t lose much work even if Google Drive decided for some strange reason to mangle my models for me.

Even if the file were opened from the Google Drive cloud, the file that Sketchup would open is a local copy. The same happens here. The Google Drive app syncs the desktop folder files to the cloud. Which is the convenience that I want.
This file was originally 2021. It became 2023 after I opened and saved it in the trial version of 2023 that I have. I am now trying to open it back using the 2023 and save a 2021 version. There isn’t a version 2021 available to save in the SU 2023. I saved a second copy from the notebook SU 2021. This shows as a 2021 on the notebook, but the synched copy appears on the PC desktop as ver 2023.
Is Sketchup not able to share a model between teams hosted on the cloud? One sees this functionality on the solid modeling application Onshape and other.

It is only with the Sketchup this problem. Other files are synched without any issues. Even the 2nd copy of the file that I saved from the notebook synched in a few seconds, but shows as SU 2023 on the PC, even though I did not use the SU 2023. This is strange.

This is because starting in 2021 all .skp files are universal, backward and forward compatible by design. 21 will open a 23 file and vice versa, no problem. The last year specific file format was 2020 which is why it’s the first available year for back saving versions.

I did try the Synch - Pause - Synch. It just does the same thing.

If what is saved once as 2023. Looks like can only be edited in 2023. The edits that I did in SU 2021 on the 2023 file were not saved. This seems to be what is happening. It is not an issue with Google Drive. Why it shows as SU 2023 in PC and 2021 in notebook is a Windows file attribute setting that has come in the PC.

Wait till the laptop has actually synced the progress in the file.
If you leave it opened or put the laptop in a sleep mode, Gdrive won’t sync properly, as you have noticed.

I should have mentioned that it sometimes takes a while. Try waiting a few minutes.

If ‘pause’ and ‘restart’ doesn’t work for you, do a google search for ‘files don’t sync using Google Drive.’ There are many reasons why files do not sync properly. I was lucky to find a simple solution that consistently works for me.

Again, I only use SU Pro 2022. Sometimes my files have synced; sometimes they have not synced. It happens even if you are using only one version of SketchUp.

Strange as it was not syncing. It started to do as expected. I can update from the notebook using SU 2021 and see the update on the PC on SU 2021, and also the reverse.

I wish I knew what was going on. Hope it stays this way.

Remember the tips they have given you about not working with synchronized files in the cloud. Most of the information losses that are read in this forum come from files hosted in clouds.

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every other file synch. I tested .txt, .jpg, MS Office. They synch without issue.
The problem started with the SU 2023 version.

CAD files seem to be more vulnarable to syncing problems than other files. Don’t risk it and listen to the given advice!!

This happens with older versions too!! Some may never encounter this problem, but lots of people do…


There are instances of this on the google drive community forum.

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Ask @colin how many files from clouds he receive in order to recover information and are useless… I’m only trying to help you.

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I will offer one further bit of advice. When I am about to switch computers, I save and close the file I’m planning to work on with a unique screen view, preferably including a recent edit. Then I verify that the thumbnail has updated on the current machine. Doing this not only helps me to verify later that files have synced, it also prevents me from accidentally having the file open on two computers at the same time.

I then go to the other computer and check whether the thumbnail is the latest. If it is not the latest, then I know that the files have not synced no matter what Google Drive is telling me. I do the ‘Pause and Resume’ thing, and then I keep refreshing my screen until the thumbnail updates. Only then do I open the file.

Since I started doing this, I haven’t lost any edits. My files have never reverted to a previous version as the Google Drive forum person mentioned. When I first began using Google Drive, I did lose work because I edited files that I didn’t realize were not synced and then saved them. It was a mess.

That’s what I do, take it for what it’s worth, no guarantees implied. It’s up to you to ensure that your synced files are actually synced, and it’s up to you to keep your files backed up to avoid disaster.


We are all syncing!

You have to keep in mind that when using multiple machines, even on the same local network, the intermediate is somewhere in the cloud ( although the cloud is actually somewhere on the mainland )

Many times, there is a great difference between upload speed and download speed and so it is tempting when you leave work to close the machine and notice it hasn’t been uploading when returning to the other machine…


( in Holland we have this saying: Wie appels vaart, die appels eet) dunno anything similar in English

I do know that when you use the publish functionality inside SketchUp itself, you get a clear pop-up message if it succeeded to do so and you won’t have to bother peering at icons, you could just walk away and be done:)



I think one of the clouds is in North Dakota. It doesn’t matter where they are, I’m always wary.

I will look into your ‘publish functionality’ within SketchUp. But, Google Drive tells me everything is synced when I can see with my own eyes that it is lying to me. So, I don’t rely on pop-up messages unless I am forced to. I think I’ll double check by peering at the thumbnails.