Sketchup 2023 synch on Google drive

Can anyone provide advise for professionals that need to work remotely, on multiple machines (desktop, laptop), or collaborate with their satellite team?

Allowing access to a central location that the team is confident files are up to date and won’t be corrupted, or overwritten by another team member is essential for a modern work environment.

What are folks using for this?

We recently moved our files to Google Drive and are noticing the sync issues and are now fearful of loosing data to corrupted files, BUT we need a solution for a central file location.

I suspect there has to be good solution. The whole world is “cloud based” these days. Software programs are even being run off of the cloud.


Trimble connect. included with SU pro / studio and fully compatible.
it’s trimble’s cloud.

What’s the technology that makes Trimble’s cloud solution more stable than the other guys (Drive, etc.)?

We need to store other file types along with the SU and LO files. Having the SU/LO files on Trimble Connect and other (non-Trimble files) elsewhere would present a challenging organization and management situation.

Sync issue seems to be a Trimble issue and not a Google drive one. This is an irony as Sketchup is originally a Google product.
How does other cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive work with SketchUp .skp files.
MS Office files after office 365 are multi user allowing simultaneous editing of the same file. Excel was already shareable, now Word and other files are also so.
I hope eventually SketchUp will also become multi user editable.

You can store any type of document.
I suppose Trimble prevent from syncing while you are modeling avoiding corruption files.

Nope. Originally it was developed by a startup called @Last Software and later bought by Google, for a time.

You have the same problems with Google Drive working with big files while you are editing video, editing graphics, etc.
Every cloud split the data in order to sync in a different way. If you’re working in a Sketchup model and google decides to send parts of it to the cloud your file could be compromised.


Trimble Connect cloud uses Amazon servers, divided over different pods (North America,Europe, Asia and Oceania) These pods are distributed over several server locations as well.

All cloud solutions provide ‘Nuke’ proof concepts of encryption, backups etc. in order to keep the data safe.

Ironically, all of these pods are actually real buildings on the mainland and connected through large physical data cables that can transport huge amount of data per second to get the data across the oceans that divide them.

One could say Trimble Connect is Google/One/dropbox ‘on steroids’ because it can easily view (multiple!) 3D models, .dwg’s and construction specific data in real time in a browser, instead of downloading/syncing first in order to view the data in your local runned software package (Quadri, Revit, Tekla, SketchUp, etc)

Originally developed by the Gteam of Gehry technology (Frank Gehry), Trimble acknowledged the possibilities it would have for the construction industry.

It’s specifically designed to work with different types of users and data, a subcontractor may only have rights to a certain folder, files can be ‘locked’ and assigned to someone specifically or be part of a ‘Release’ for bidding, so everyone is calculating on the same version.

For coordination purposes, it provides a great way of tracking activities inside the project (what has happened with this file, who did what when, etc)

It could provide clarity on certain tasks for specific members by adjusting the notification settings for the project, reducing email traffic (Did you receive the latest version?) and use of wetransers or wrongly set permissions for shared Google files, etc.

As said, the Business plan comes with a subscription to SketchUp, so it’s already there for you to explore.