How to open a .skp from my google drive?

I just imported my drawings to my google drive - but I cant seem to be able to open them from there at my computer when I want to work on them. I can on my phone - it opens in the viewer - but not at a desktop. Anyone can help me solve this simple issue? The thumbnails also dont populate - probably a signal I need to correctly map the file path etc.

I know there have been a number of post about opening and saving files to cloud based storage systems. Maybe DaveR will leave a response. There have been a number of corrupted files. Not sure if Google drive has been one of the suspect drives.

I would strongly suggest that you do not work on files directly saved to your Google drive. As @mballes indicated, we’ve seen loads of corrupted files due to connection issues during saves and autosaves. Download the file to your internal drive and work on it there. After saving the file. sync it to your Google drive.

You could be using your Trimble Connect storage instead of Google drive to store your files. When you open a file from there it will be downloaded to your internal drive and saves will be done to that location as well as to Trimble Connect. Using Trimble Connect this way will also generate a history of files so you can go back to an earlier state of the fle if needed.

Do you have the Drive for Desktop installed on your PC? If not you’ll need this to allow Drive to act as just another folder on your PC. I have SU files on my Google Drive and I have ZERO issues in getting to them from either home or the office.

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That was it! Thank you!
I knew it was something simple. I dont know much about computers…



What was it?

Installing Drive for Desktop.
And noted as you suggest - dont save drawings directly to a cloud - open it on the machine and work on it there.
Thank you!

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