My Sketchup will not open files from Google Drive


Jut what the titlesays. Also, it won’t open files from the Hard Drive.


Thanks for testing! We certainly want folks like you to be able to open .skp files from their hard drive.

Can you give us a little more detail about the process you tried to make this work?



It’s not so much the hard drive I’m trying to open from, as it would be
nice for the program to save to and open from cloud services like Google
Drive or One Drive (as this is a browser program). I do most of my work in
Google Drive so an option like that would be really handy.


You can if you upload, right? Click upper left (it’s called a hamburger) here:

And then you get this:


Hi guys,

We are currently focused on supporting Trimble Connect as our cloud back end, though I recognize the value of supporting alternate cloud file stores (like Google Drive) in the future. I’m sure you’ll forgive us for supporting our own system first :wink:

For now, you may want to explore the Trimble Connect Sync tool as a way to keep your Connect and Drive data synchronized. You can learn more about this tool here.

If you are using the Google Drive Sync tool to synchronize files from Drive to your local computer, you can point the Connect Sync tool at the same directory to sync from your local computer back to Connect. A little clunky, but reasonably workable once you have it all set up.



Thanks! I’ll be sure to try it!