Sketchup Pro 2021 Trial Can't open my file from my external drive

Hi can anyone help me with how to open up my sketchup file that I saved on my external hard drive? it won’t let me open my file.

Can you open it if you transfer it to your internal drive? What happens when you do try to open it? Do you get some sort of message?

No it won’t let me open it when I copy it to my internal drive either. “Unable to open the file”

Can you share the file with us?

Very likely it became corrupted during a save. If there was even a microsecond break in the connection to the external drive during a save, vital file content could be lost resulting in a file that can’t be opened. If that’s the case, it might be that @colin can take a look at it when he gets a chance and recover it.

Best practice is to always save locally to your internal drive and only work on files that are on the internal drive.

Hi DaveR,

it will not allow me to upload the file. It keeps saying there is an error

How large is the file? Maybe too large to upload here. If so, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

LadySD file that will not open

Does this look like what you are expecting to see? I was able to rename the .skb file to .skp and open it.

There do seem to be a number of components in model that aren’t visible in the model space.
Screenshot - 1_5_2021 , 12_48_29 PM

There are also a large number of tags but most of them don’t appear to be used.

Purging the model of unused stuff results in this stuff going away which reduces the file size by more than 91%.
Screenshot - 1_5_2021 , 12_51_04 PM
Can you open this?
WARF TIMBER LIGHT 15 cleaned.skp (2.2 MB)

Hi yes, that is my file. That looks great… Im really new at this, how did you purge?

Yippee! was able to open your file. Thanks a million. You saved two days of my life!!!

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I used a plugin so it would give that report but you can go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click Purge Unused.

It’s important to know that components you might create or get from the 3D Warehouse and later delete from the model remain as part of the file in the In Model components. The same applies to materials you might try or that come with components as well as styles. This can be useful in some cases however if you really don’t need those things you should purge them to keep the file size under control.