Unable to open skb

Hello every one,

I worked on Sketchup model on a ssd external drive last Saturday but today when i open, the main skp has 0 byte, the skb cannot open too.
I have read some similar topic and understand that we shouldn’t work directly on external drive.
But now i have a corrupt file. Could anyone help me, please?
Here the GD link:

Thank you in advance!

I tried but had no luck. @colin might be able to do something with it but in the meantime I would suggest you start rebuilding the model just in case. And save it on your internal drive, not an external one.

Yes, unfortunately a lot of files get so corrupted that it’s impossible to recover anything from them.

Yes, a big lesson with external drive :frowning:

Unfortunately I couldn’t get anything from the file either.

Thank you anyways guys

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