File won't open- corrupted?

Hello. I am a new sketchup user. I have a design that will not open, it says “file won’t open” when I try to open it up. I had it saved in an external drive at work, took my computer home for the weekend, and now am back at the office trying to open it.

Please help! Thanks!

That is one of the usual file failures.

Is there any way to recover it?

Maybe we can help but only if you share the file. Maye the .skb file will be recoverable, too.

Sorry, newbie here but how do I share the file?

Depends on file size. If it is 16 Mb or smaller you can drag and drop it into your forum post. If it is larger, share it via a cloud service (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, WeTransfer…) and post the link here.

Hopefully this works? Let me know if it doesn’t.

That file is about half-filled with zeroes. Nothing to recover. Do you have the .skb back file? Share that and let’s see if it’s in good shape.

I was able to open it using the .skb file! Thank you so much!

Good! Now quit saving directly to an external drive. Save it to the drive inside the computer. If you need to be able to work on the file from different machines, copy it from the internal drive to the external drive and when you need to work on it, copy it from the external drive to the internal drive. Or use your Trimble Connect storage after saving the file internally.