I can't open the file. "failed to open document"

I can’t open the file. “failed to open document” / Backup files cannot be opened.

You must share the file so Colin or anyone else can check if its corrupted.
By the way, where you working from the cloud or from an external storage device?

Please let me know how to share files.
I do it inside external harddisk

Showroom_Model_A_2.skp (4.8 MB)

I couldn’t get anything from the file. The contents look like they should have been ok, but something is corrupt in the data.

It would be worth trying the .skb. Add that to your next reply.

Thank you very much.

I sent the file .skb to you. 
Thank you very much.

ในวันที่ จ. 25 ก.ย. 2023 เวลา 20:48 Colin Holgate via SketchUp Forum <notifications@sketchup.discoursemail.com> เขียนว่า:

(Attachment Showroom_Model_A_2.skb is missing)

When you attach a file to a reply you need to wait for a moment for it to finish uploading.

Can you try attaching the SKB again?

I am having the same message “failed to open file” using sketchup pro 2023.
I tried to attach file but it is too big to upload (over 200 mb). Any suggestions?

Upload it to Dropbox and share the link.

Thanks Dave
here is link from Google drive

here is dropbox link if google drive doesn’t work

I wasn’t able to get anything from it. Do you have the .skb back file? If so, share it. Where have you been saving the file as you’ve been working on it?

Maybe @colin will be able to look at your file and recover something from it.

thanks for giving it a try. I have been saving the file on my workplace network. I had the .skb file which was from 7 hours earlier, but i already renamed it and opened it up to get an idea of how much work I lost…a lot unfortunately.
I also tried this method of recovery mentioned in another sketchup forum post (using eneroth open newer version extension) but it didn’t seem to work either. oh well.

At least it sounds like the SKB worked for you. The SKP has about 20% of the file filled with zeros, I couldn’t get anything from it.

You may not see it this way, but you’ve been relatively lucky! Many people are not noticing a problem until a couple of saves later. That leaves them with the SKB being partly full of zeros, and the SKP being mostly zeros. You at least caught it before the SKB was ruined.

We still don’t know what it is in Windows that leads to files being filled with zeros. It would be worth your while having a regular backup system, maybe even the Windows ‘History’ feature? I don’t quite know how that works, but on Mac there is Time Machine, which I think is on the same lines. For every file on my Mac I have a backup from each hour for the last 24 hours, and each day for the last month. If I get something corrupted I can step back an hour at a time until I get a copy that seems good. It’s also handy for times when I accidentally delete a file.

Dave is typing as I say this, will be interesting to hear what he thinks as well.

Something is corrupted in your .skp file. The general wisdom is to not work on files that are directly saved outside of the computer. Better to work on files saved locally on the internal drive and only sync them to a network drive. The same applies to cloud storage, too.

It might be that Colin will be successful in making your .skp viable again but maybe not wise to hold your breath.

ETA: I see Colin chimed in while I was typing. I anticpated his 20% filled with zeros but I was hoping there’d be something retrieveable. Evidently not.

As he says, you’ve been lucky in that your .skb file could be opened.

thanks so much guys for giving it a go. I actually do have autosave set for every ten minutes, so not sure what happened there. I think the network may have hiccupped during the save. Good idea to save locally. thanks again

I think that’s fairly common.

In addition to saving your file locally to work o nit, I would sugggest also publishing the model file to your Trimble Connect storage periodically while you are working as well as when you get ready to knock off for the day. Every time you publish your model to TC it automattically creates an incremental save so if your file saved to the network drive gets damaged in a hiccup, you should have a fairly recent version of the file. You can then also access your files when you haven’t go access to your computer at work or the company’s network. There are other plusses to using Trimble Connect, too.

Auto save is done to give you a recovered file if SketchUp or the system crashes. It gives you the changes that were made between the last real save and the time of the crash. Unfortunately, if the last saved SKP has problems, more recent auto save files are likely to have the same problem.