I can't open the file. "failed to open document"

I can’t open the file. “failed to open document” / Backup files cannot be opened.

You must share the file so Colin or anyone else can check if its corrupted.
By the way, where you working from the cloud or from an external storage device?

Please let me know how to share files.
I do it inside external harddisk

Showroom_Model_A_2.skp (4.8 MB)

I couldn’t get anything from the file. The contents look like they should have been ok, but something is corrupt in the data.

It would be worth trying the .skb. Add that to your next reply.

Thank you very much.

I sent the file .skb to you. 
Thank you very much.

ในวันที่ จ. 25 ก.ย. 2023 เวลา 20:48 Colin Holgate via SketchUp Forum <notifications@sketchup.discoursemail.com> เขียนว่า:

(Attachment Showroom_Model_A_2.skb is missing)

When you attach a file to a reply you need to wait for a moment for it to finish uploading.

Can you try attaching the SKB again?