File unable to open

I recovered a file and Sketchup is telling me that the file is not a Sketchup up model even though the program opens up. Any one know a solution to this

I assume you mean you erased the file and then used a recovery app to get it back? Alas, recovery is a hit or miss thing because of how file space is managed on discs. Binary files such as .skp are particularly prone to getting mangled because there is usually no useful pattern in the data that straddles the boundary between fragments of the file.

I was afraid of that. It was a particularly large model so the chances of getting it all back was slim. Didn’t know if there was more i could do now that I have some resemblance of that file.

Although there’s probably not much hope, you could try uploading the file to DropBox or somewhere so that @colin can look at it. Maybe he’ll have luck. The other thing to do is check for the .skb copy of the file. Is it still intact? If so you might not have lost much at all.

Here is a link. He seems like the man with the plan. The .skb file was the only thing I was able to recover. I could not recover the .skp file.

Don’t hold your breath but I expect when Colin has a moment he’ll take a look at it.

If I were in your shoes I guess I would get started remaking the model anyway. Wouldn’t hurt to publish yur file to your Trimble Connect storage to create a backup copy. Always work on the locally saved file and just publish incremental saves to TC to CYA.

I don’t have @colin’s tools to try recovery, but I can tell you that the file does not contain the signature header that all SketchUp files have so it is likely damaged beyond hope. Sorry!

I learned my lesson with this one. I plan on making copies of all my models and keeping them in multiple locations. Unfortunately this model would be a bear to recreate. I need to create some interior shots and would have been nice to create them in the model I already had.

Thank you guys for helping and taking a look.

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Yeah, when files matter, making frequent backups of your own is the best insurance as **** always happens eventually! Good luck!

I couldn’t see anything SketchUp related in the file either. There are odd mentions of PowerPoint. Were you using the new Office 360 feature where you can embed SketchUp files?

This file is what I was able to recover and it is named what the model was named. It may have been recovered from OneDrive. I have all my files on my desktop backup to OneDrive so I can easily access them from home.