HELP - Corrupted file from cut/paste from another PC won't open

Hello, Im posting this for my non tech GF who’s absolutly devastated right now.

She is trying to open a SKP that isnt recognized by SKETCHUP 2023 and she deleted the source and the SKB (i’ve tried everything to get the source SKP/SKB document back but they are gone).
I think she used an HDD to transfer the document between computers.

Can you help retreiving a long day of work before she wakes up ? Corrupted file and backup is here. DropBox Link

Thanks in advance,

The .skp file doesn’t even have the normal SketchUp header and there’s a large amount of other data missing. The .skb file has the header but still missing too much data. It’s unfortunate that your GF did what she did deleting the the files. @colin might have time to look at the .skb file to see if there’s any possibility of recovering anything but at this stage she should probably not sit on her hands waiting. She should get busy remaking the model.

Instead of transferring it to an external drive she should utilize her Trimble Connect storage and also save the file there in addition to saving it on her computer. AND she should not delete the originals so she’ll at least have something to go back to.

Hello @DaveR , thank you for looking into it.
I was hoping for better news, I will explain her how to transfer files in the future.

If a previous (readable) version of the file and backup could help, let me know.

If she has a previous version she can open that might save her some work but if it’s like the files you shared, there’s no point in looking at it.

The SKP seems to have the start of the file messed up, and the SKB has the end messed up. I tried putting the good bits together, but that didn’t fix thing.