Recover a corrupted file?

I’ve received a skp file from a friend that seens to be corrupted. The file didn’t open for neither of us.
I’ve tried to change the file name and extension (didn’t work) and the plugin eneroth open newer, hoping that it could work (it didn’t as well).
So, I don’t know what else to do to solve this situation.
Any ideias?

I’ll attach the file here:

Thanks in advance!

It looks like at least some of is is beyond repair. Colin might have some luck but I wouldn’t count on it. Is there a .skb version of the file? If so, share that. Maybe it’s in better shape. If it’s a model you need, best bet is probably to start over. Make sure you are saving the file on an internal drive.

Hey there Dave!
Unfortunely, no .skb file :confused:
I was hoping that some of it could be recovered, due to the file size (quite huge :sweat_smile:)
But anyway, if some data can be recovered by Colin, awesome!
If not, well… better start over ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I looked at the file, and the last 10% or so is filled with zeros. I couldn’t get anything out of the file.

Hello Colin!
Sorry for the late reply
Yeah, I imagined this would happen, didn’t have much hope in recovering the file.
But I do apreciate the effort for it!