Help urgent need! corrupted sketchup file can't open

Please help me asap on my corrupted file. I saved the file accordingly in a common way. But when I open it again, it says “Failed to open document”.

Can anybody please help me with this problem? I’m on the edge in summitting my work for my client.

Please help me!

Hello, first copy the .skb file and rename it into .skp and try to open it to see if it works any better.
If not, attach your original .skp file here, along with its .skb file or if too big give a link to a cloud service (such as wetransfer)
@colin is able to look for recoverable data

Hi @paul.millet, did that already but the same came up. I’m too fruatrated now with what is happening.

I also tried opening the files on other system but unfortunately all the same

KIDS BLOCK.skp (87.3 KB)

@paul.millet I cannot attach the .skb file, is there any other way that I could upload it?


KIDS (83.4 KB)

This is the .skp file.

Your forum profile suggests you are using SketchUp Free. It’s not allowed to use Free for commercial purposes.
If this is not the case please update your forum profile to avoid confusion.
Also stop SQREAMING, it doesn’t help your case and is considdered rude!

@tweenulzeven Oh, I’m sorry for that if I bothered you with the caps on. I’m kinda used to it. Btw I’m now SCREAMING. And thank you for your advice. It’s very well noted.

How do I change the forum? I’m new here.

without surprise, I can’t open them either, but the good news is that your files are not just a bunch of zeros like it sometimes happens with unopenable models. So Colin should be able to retrieve some data. You’ll have to wait for him to lean on the matter though

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Thank you @paul.millet for the help. I don’t know what happened to the file. I really appreciate the help. I might just redo the whole thing again.

click on your avatar, the J in the orange circle on the top right of your screen.
click on profile (person icon), preferences (gear icon) then profile (person icon)
From there you should select Pro plan and SketchtUp Pro 2021…

Don’t get used to it here on the forum…


I can’t open your files either. They are pretty small files BTW…
Where did you save your files, on a local drive or in the cloud.
If the first, is the location of the file in a folder that is automatically synced to the cloud?

@tweenulzeven, I usually save my files in my local drive. No cloud is connected. I rarely use cloud for saving files. Is my file issue usual? It seems like it’s a punch on the moon now on saving my file huhu

I don’t know, I was asking because saving directly to the cloud or an automatically synced folder has caused problems for people…

Even unzipped your files are less than 100 Kb. The shipped Architectural templates are around 190Kb with the scale figure and nothing else. If there’s a model in the file it can’t be very much.

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@tweenulzeven @DaveR, This means I have to redo the whole model. Yaiks! I think this is the end of it. Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate them.

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Sorry about that. Whatever happened is very unusual. It’s not the same kind of thing that we usually see when files become corrupted.

Out of curiosity what was in the model? Did you have components? Materials? Are you, by any chance, using a cracked version of SketchUp 2021 Pro?

@DaveR, There is no material at all. Its a circular villa. Yes it did have components which a Nipa Roof 24m in dia and has 100 segments(used fur plug-in). License pro 2021 single user.

I was wondering if you might have selected the content in the model to hide it and inadvertantly hit Erase. They are right next to each other in the Context menu. But if the objects were components they’d still be in-model even if they were deleted from the model space. You would also have to have purged unused to really make them go away. If it was all groups or loose geometry it would all go away with Erase, of course.

Maybe time to get a subscription for SU2023 so you could have backup storage on Trimble Connect. In addition to saving locally you could publish your models to Trimble Connect to have a second backup beyond the .skb. publishing to Trimble Connect results in incremental saves so you would also have earlier copies available.

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@DaveR, What happened was after I did the fur thing, I always save the file for security because it took me time on providing the needed components for the roof. After saving, I closed the application beacuse I needed to restart my computer due to the scheduled system update. Then when I’m going back to start my work, it won’t open anymore. I did all possible ways including the .skb to .skp did not worked out.

Btw, I always work clean. No materials yet and tags are just around 6 the last time I checked. Even no hidden geometry.