Help urgent need! corrupted sketchup file can't open

Very strange. Even with a few simple components the file would be larger than what you have.

When you open SketchUp does it show any recovered files toward the bottom of the Welcome panel?

@DaveR, strange as it is. It was my firtst encounter with that kind of issue. It seems like the saving process did not process properly or idk. But after saving it, the model still works fine as regular before I closed it. Then boom, when I open it, did not open anymore. Even the recovery which supposedly shows up and suggets to fix the errors, nothing popped out.

IT is very strange. I’ve seen lots of files from other users that became corrupted one way or another but I’ve never seen one get emptied of everything like yours appears to be. If it was a lucky thing I’d say go buy a lottery ticket quick!

@DaveR, Lol! you got that right! But hey, thanks again for the help! =) Cheers!

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