Failed to open file, corrupted document

I have a sketchup file that I store in HDD and it gor corrupted after I openned it on another laptop. Now I cannot open it on any laptop.
Please help!

Is that an internal drive or an external one?

Share the file so maybe we can help you.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? SketchUp for Schools is a web based version for young school children. Is that what you are using?

If it’s SketchUp Pro, look for a .skb file of the same name. Rename it to .skp and try opening that. Does it work?

It is external hdd and I will transfer the files asap.

Here is the file and i use sketchup 2024 not schools.

Fix your forum profile while I try to do something with your .skp file.

I m sorry but what is wrong with my profile ? =))))

You entered SketchUp for Schools as the License Type but you just wrote that you aren’t using SketchUp for Schools.
Screenshot - 5_24_2024 , 9_52_18 AM

Since you are using the desktop version, did you look for and try to open the .skb backup copy?

Where have you been saving the file while you were working on it?

The .skp file is missing important file data. I couldn’t do anything with it.

Ok, my bad

I have a skb file and i just changed it to skp and it said its missing important data. I couldnt copy or upload it on wetransfer. I was saving it on the external hard disk. Is there any alternative I can repair it ? =(

That’s been shown to be problematic and often results in corrupted files. The best procedure is to save the file on the internal drive and then copy it to the external drive after saving if you need to make it portable. Download it from the external drive to the internal drive before working on it again.

Unlikely there’s anything you can do. Maybe @colin will have time to look at the file and he may get something from it. If I were in your shoes, though, I wouldn’t be sitting on my hands while waiting to see if he’s successful. I would get busy remaking the model.

Thank you for your help! I will start remaking it but I really hope he can recover some if the file at least as I struggled with the subd extension.
Thank you again

Fingers crossed.

Save the new file internally. Also, since you have a Pro subscription to SketchUp you have unlimited storage on Trimble Connect for your files. Periodically also save the file there. Every time you do a new, incremental version of the model will be created so if needed you can go back to a previous one instead of starting over.

Hi, I’m having problems opening my file too. It seems like the thumbnail of the file from the folder in explorer is ok but when opening it says “unexpected file format”. Could you help me, please?

These are the skb and skp files. I tried changing the format for both of them but none works.

By the way, I’m using Sketchup 2024 but these files were made on 2020

Both versions of the file are about half-filled with zeroes. Looks like nothing to recover. Where have you been saving the file while you were working on it? What version of SketchUp are you really using? There is no Free Plan 2024 as you put in your profile.

Sorry, I have to edit my answer because I forgot to attach the skb file. At first I was saving in 2017 version and then in 2020. I tried to open using 2024 but it didn’t work and yes, it is the trial version.

The .skb has the same problem.

That’s not the “Free Plan”.

Sorry, I didn’t find the option for trial. However I will uninstall this version. Thank you for your attention :frowning:

Put in the version you actually have a license for. Or are you using a cracked version?