Help me. This is my final college assignment, and it can't be opened "failed open to document"

A few days ago I made changes to an existing file. When I tried to open it today I receive the error message ‘Failed to Open Document’. I’m running SketchUp 2021.
Tried opening the SKB file - still same error
Tried importing both SKP and SKB files into a new file. This causes a bug splat crash

Does anyone have any other ideas? Please help. I can’t face making these changes again only to have the same error message.


Is that a cracked version? There is no SketchUp for Schools 2021.

Where have you been saving the file as you’ve been working on it?

It might be that @colin will have some luck but I wouldn’t count on it.

I don’t get a BugSplat, but also can’t open either of those files. I don’t see any of the usual defects such as blocks of zeroes or missing header. Perhaps @colin can take a look.

I tried various things, but couldn’t recover the file.

Fails to open for me too.
You can change the .skp suffix to .zip and extract the contents [with errors], perhaps there are some useful bits in there ?
There seems to be a lot of materials - perhaps you haven’t been purging unused components etc, so their unused applied things like materials clog your model ?
As @DaveR said you should save your models locally and afterwards you can copy them to network/cloud storage for storage. Save large files like this can lead to data loss etc… as you’ve now found out.

No .SKB file (in your shared drive)?

I saved this file on the school server. When I opened the skb file it turned out that the file had not been updated the last time I worked on it. Maybe, this file can? If I can’t, I’ve resigned myself to the situation SKP

Maybe, this file can? If I can’t, I’ve resigned myself to the situation SKP

No. I already told you it can’t be recovered.

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SKB don’t backup as frequently so it may not be as current as the SKP but at least you won’t have to start from scratch.

skb are simply the previous save file.

whenever you save (ctrl-s for instance) the old skp file becomes the skb. and a new skp file is created.
At any given time, you have the skp file (latest save) + the previous one as a skb (on mac, replace skb by ~.skp)

So when you say SKB don’t backup as frequently, they do. as frequently as you manually save. off course, if you only save once a day, you’ll have an outdated skb. if you manually save every 30min you’ll have 30min old skb.

This is not true or at least not the full statement.
SKP auto saves every so often (by default). My machine is set to do it every 5 minutes. This is under “windows” - preferences - general
and you should see an option for creating backup and auto save and a time frame box of every X minutes.

The idea that he can only recover from when he manually saved is wrong if he has auto save enabled.

re-read my message.

I’m talking about the skb file. because you spoke about the skb file. And you seem to confuse between the skb backup system and the auto-save recovery one :

In case of a crash, the auto-saving will prompt a recovered version (in red) to be available. it won’t create a skb. Meaning that if sketchup crashes, yo won’t loose everything, only the last few minutes.
However, if you close sketchup normally, no crash, the recovered auto-save file is deleted. because you did a proper save.

Here, we have a case of a sketchup file being properly saved, so no recovery file.
all Alvanduy9 has at their disposition is the properly saved SKP file (rotten) and the previously made skb (apparently no good). The auto-save is no use in cases of post-saving file corruption.

And so yes, since the SKB has nothing to do with the auto save recovery, as I said, skb files will backup your work as frequently as you manually save.

and to be clear, turning off the auto save alone will make a skb file.
and turning off the backup alone (keeping the autosave) will allow post-crash recovery but no skb file.

Yes, sketchup has a double protection system, one for crashes, and one extra for mistakes / file corruption.

Here is the same explanation by Colin back in 2019 after they moved some things around.

and here the official help page

so yes, here we’re not talking about a crash, we’re talking about file corruption, auto save won’t help, only skb. until it can’t.

Whatever you do, people, don’t forget to manually save your work from time to time.

And apply “save as …”, saving to a logical follow-up name from time to time. (say daily with the date included)

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