Skp will not open or be allowed to copy

Hello Sketchup Community!

I just lost about $500.00 worth of work.

I am using an external flash drive, Adata SSD, as my main working file location. Windows 10

I saved my file several times while working and did a proper close-out and ejection of drive from the task bar. I take the drive to another computer to work on it there, and the file had vanished. I returned to the workstation that I was using, and was given a notification that the drive was corrupt. After the automatic restoration, the file shows up in the folder, but it will not open and I am unable to copy it to another folder. Is there a way to get this file restored so I don’t loose all of the work that was put into the project today? The skb file is 4 hours older than the skp.


I understand that it is frustrating and I’m not sure that there’s a good fix but the general advice is to save to a local internal hard drive or SSD not to a flash drive or to the cloud. Transfer files after saving them to the local internal drive.

I found a process that ended up working (hopefully)!

disclaimer - this is from memory and not recorded as going through the process; I got back to work on the (new) file asap

So, I see in the folder that the file is still full size.
won’t let me copy or open the file; gives message about the administrator having restricted the file…
look at properties, advanced
permissions (or something)
see some check boxes; only one is checked (can’t remember which)
check all of the boxes
still can’t open the file
but I CAN copy the file
the copy opens in sketchup
If I just close it, I can’t open it again…
If I save as when in sketchup, it looks like it works alright now… hopefully won’t fail again.

Questions? Thoughts?

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