Crash #302233

My File is not opening… it says file can not open… can anyone help?

this is the link of the model.


Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp “Free Plan” which is the web based version. If that’s the case, can you open the file from Trimble Connect?

You have to set permssions for the file you linked to so that we can access it. Currently we get “Permission Denied” when we follow the link.

i have updated the access… if u can see what is the probelm… and yess i am using sketchup pro 2023

Looks like the file is half filled with zeroes. What about the .skb file? Share that.

Why did you create two profiles both showing the wrong SketchUp version type? That just creates confusion for everyone else.

Pick one of the profiles to edit and put the right information in it. Then make a request to delete the other profile.

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Half of the file is filled with zeros. Do you have an SKB backup copy of the model?

unfortunately there is no skb file…