“This does not appear to be a SketchUp Model”

Hello everyone, greetings from Colombia. I have this problem and i dont know how to recovery the last version where the advance was most complete.

I was reding some of posts here, and i see tha the problem is around, that consist in are saving the file in cloud, GoogleDrive in this case.

So, if is possible to recovery something, please help me. TY

Your profile indicates you are using the free version of SketchUp which is web based. If that’s correct you should be able to find a previous version of the file if you go to your Trimble Connect storage.

In order for anyone here to help you we need your SketchUp file. Upload it here so we can look at it.

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You must share the file if you want @colin to be able to help you.
Debes compartir el archivo para que Colin te pueda ayudar, si es muy grande debes usar alguna plataforma como Google Drive, Dropbox o wetransfer

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Hi, okay… im gonna share the 3D

3D PROYECTO URB-ARQ _ V15.skp (10.5 MB)

And this was made in SketchUp Free as your profile indicates you are using? Or was it made in SketchUp Pro?

Oh… sorry, en efect it is modeling in SKP PRO

PLease correct your profile then.

Do you have the .skb backup copy of the file? Chare that. Maybe it can be opened.

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The profile info was changed. TY

And, about the SKB, these was change the extension file to SKP and didnt work it

I couldn’t do anything with your file. Hopefully Colin will be able to get something from it.

Thanks for fixing your profile. When that information is correct it makes it easier for us to help you.

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Ok, thank you very much… and Colin is here or i need to send it an direct message?

He was alerted to this thread earlier. Hopefully he’ll have time to look at it soon.

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Unfortunately your file is all zeros. No data at all. Do you have any other kind of backup?

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Ok… but how is it possible?
The corruption perhaps erased the content?
About the other backup file, this was the only one.

Was the file deleted (perhaps inadvertently) and then recovered from the computer’s filesystem using some software tool?

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No, that has never been done.
Something strange that I remember is that sometimes the program would not let me save the 3D. So I had to “save as” with another name.

But it’s the first time I see this bug. He just didn’t want to open anymore.

Where were you saving the files to? The cloud?

yes… i created a folder on my D drive and then the folder will be uploaded to googledrive cloud to work on another pc with sync.

That’s the cause of your problem.

Don’t work on files saved to the cloud. Download them to your computer and work on the file saved on the internal drive.

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By the way, with your subscription to SketchUp 2023 you have unlimited cloud storage available via Trimble Connect. Use it. Initially save your SketchUp files on your internal drive. Then publish them to Trimble Connect (File>Trimble Connect>Publish Model) If you want to work on it with a different PC,use File>Trimble Connect>Open Model… When you do that the file is first download to a temporary folder on your computer. Saves and autosaves will be made to that folder so you aren’t relying on a perfect internet connection during those save events. When you are finished working on the file, publish it back to your Trimble Connect storage.

Not only is this a safer option, it also results in a history of file versions. If you have some reason you need to go back to an earlier version you can do that. You can also access your files using SketchUp Go or SketchUp for iPad and you can share links to your models so that othrs can view them in the online SketchUp viewer. Or you can share your files with collaborators who can check out the file to make edits if you do that sort of thing.

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oh, it’s just… well, every day is a lesson to be learned.

We conclude then that this model is lost. Well, it has been a great contribution from this community. I’ll keep this in mind guys, thank you very much.

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