Half of my project is gone even though it was saved

Hey there,

I was working on SketchUp free trial and around the last day of the trial, I opened one of the files I was working on, it’s called 3DModel.skp and found that half of the work I did was gone even though I am sure I saved it several times. The backup files also show the one half of the work. Any suggestions on how to get it back?

Is it possible that you’ve just hidden that part of the model or perhaps turned off tags for that part?

Cn you share the file?

I checked the turned off tags and unfortunately they were not what I was looking for. Yes, I would share the file but it says it’s too big to import here when I try.

Upload it to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link.

Where were you saving the file? Locally or to the cloud?


I was saving it on iCloud.

That’s not good practice. Easy for something to go wrong. You should be saving to your internal drive and only syncing to the cloud.

You’d need to make the file accessible. As it is, you’ve got it secured so you’re the only one who can download it.

Oh, I did not know that, I’ll start saving it locally.

Here’s another link: 3DModel.skp - Google Drive

Some users have had their files entirely corrupted by internet connection problems when working with cloud-saved files. At least that’s not your situation.

You might check out the In Model components collection. There are a lot of unused components in there and maybe some of them are ones you need?

Here’s the result of purging unused stuff. If the stuff is really unneeded you should purge the file. This reduced the file size by almost 42%.
Screenshot - 7_11_2022 , 11_51_19 AM

I also fixed the incorrect tag usage in your model.
Screenshot - 7_11_2022 , 11_51_02 AM

I guess since you’re using the trial version this model is just for evaluating SketchUp. Maybe it would be a good idea to save the file into your local drive and work on it more there. That’ll help you get around the issue of hangups in the Save process.

So, if I don’t find them in the components that means they are gone and I cannot bring them back?

Have you already purged?

Yes, I’m still a beginner in SketchUp, I’m trying it out.

Yes. If that part of your model isn’t anywhere in the model now, it’s gone and you’d need to redo that part of it.

I did purge but only the copy that I downloaded to my computer. I haven’t changed the file you uploaded.

Maybe chalk this one up to a valuable learning experience. Better to have this happen in this file than in one you are working on for a client.

Okay, thank you for your help!

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