Intermittent Issues opening sketchup files / backup?

I have a client who has been using sketchup on mac / pc in a lan environment for years. Recently I moved their entire datastore from a cheap raid1 NAS to a Windows 8.1 64bit box with raid 1. I also placed the data inside the root folder of their corporate dropbox account so it would backup to the cloud with recover-ability in case they get a ransomware virus. Their internet connection is very poor and it’s taking weeks to sync their dropbox but it is atleast working. I also have their data mirrored locally to a NAS.
Staff are reporting that if they save a sketchup file to the network share, it becomes corrupt or wont open the next day. Sometimes however it will open. This behaviour is limited to sketchup files only.
The staff contacted sketchup and inquired as to why this might occur and we were told the following:

  1. Make sure you’re saving locally (no external drive, no network)
  2. Make sure you’re saving to a local, non-cloud based file structure as well… no Livedrive, Dropbox and Google Drive…
  3. Make sure you’re using OS compatible filenames, nothing really long, try to remove non alpha-numeric characters from both filenames and folders
  4. Confirm if Extensions are in place that could affect file saves, turn off Ruby if necessary
    A) Disabling ruby scripts | SketchUp Help

These guidelines seem outlandish especially considering they have been saving and working directly from a NAS as of late. The only difference is they now access their files from a win 8.1 box located inside dropbox.

Can anyone shed some light here or recommend a method of autonomous cloud backup with a brutally slow network connection… I really don’t wanna have to get creative and add segments to their data management which may be tricky to support and keep an eye on.



I have the same issues, I’m using Livedrive, very frustrating to see that Sketchup doen’t allow saving in the cloud (Onedrive however does work). I hope this can be resolved, but no solution received yet.