Sketch up has crashed every time I've saved work in the last 2 weeks

Hey all.

Sketchup has crashed everytime ive saved from the last 2 weeks.

We reorganized the office and now all i see are bug splats. Fortunately I have figured out how to use the backups but this is getting out of hand.

Ive tried the simple things like restarting my comp but I am not sure where to go from here.

These are numerous sketchup files, from small building detail models to various single family homes. Each one crashes now. Each one. None of these ever had an issue before. (Well one did but I fixed it with help here but its crashing again now too.)

Please send help

Several questions:

Was Sketchup installed correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

Where are you saving the files you’re working on? They should be saved to your local internal drive. Sync to a network drive if needed but don’t work directly on files saved outside of your computer.

You say this started happening after you reorganized your office. What changed about your computer? Clearly it wasn’t SketchUp that changed but what did?

I am assuming it was installed correctly. It has only caused me a few headaches in the 2 years that I’ve been using it everyday.

I am saving to the network which has been our workflow since I have been working here.

I may now be plugged into a different ethernet port but this port never caused the previous person issues as far as I know.

would be worth making sure by repairing the installation making sure to right click on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator.

Although that may be your workflow it’s generally not advised. History has shown it’s a good way to get corrupted files.

Could be a different cable it could be anything in the path between your computer and the network drive. What happens if you save your work to your local drive? Does SketchUp crash then?

I save all of my files either to a network (windows share) or Google drive with no issues whatsoever. Been doing this for years.

I don’t have covid therefore it must not exist.

My point being that, of the many times we have seen corrupt files 99% of the time it is due to saving to a network drive.
Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

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I would replace “network drive” with “to the cloud” in this statement. Using the company LAN shouldn’t be a problem unless there is something seriously wrong with it.

Companies usually forbid saving project files to workstations - they are not regularly backed up, and project work usually requires all members of a team to have access to the files without the syncing problems that happen when files are being randomly worked on and replaced.


I wouldn’t, by network drive I mean any non local path. The bottle neck of networks, web, usb, any possible interference in the direct save process can cause issues.

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This ^^^^

It’s just not worth commenting.

As a professional software engineer in the storage industry, I agree. Organizations the world over use SAN and NAS storage (which are two examples of what could be described as LAN-based technologies) in mission-critical roles.

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That may be so but according to the OP this problem started after they reorganized their office. There wasn’t an issue before they reorganized. First places to look when troubleshooting any problem is the things that changed since the problem began. The most likely places for problems at this point would be between the OP’s computer and the network server.

I’m still interested to know if Bug Splats occur when the OP saves their file to their internal drive.

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…in which case perhaps their network storage product has something seriously wrong with it. That is entirely possible, and would not be in conflict with my statement that network storage products are generally extremely reliable (when properly configured).

I hope that some day we (the community and the SketchUp team) will discover a specific cause or a small number of causes of the corrupted files which are all too commonly posted on this forum.

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It’s a bit like saying, I’ve never needed a spare tyre so I won’t have one in my car.
So many times people insist it has never happened to them, but it keeps happening, so we warn against it.

I agree, I’ve been using network storage for my CAD files since my 1st job in 1996 and I’ve never had a corrupted file from being on a server/storage. If “someone” is having an issue then it’s “their” network that’s at fault.

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I’m not, I’m agreeing with him as he is spot on.

But that’s the whole point, networks are not infallible.

Network hiccups do happen, and SketchUp is not alone with the problems. AutoCad even has a Recover function. Should SketchUp have one too? (except the one that sorts you out after a crash)

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A simple test would be to save to your local drive. If that works, then you know something related for the network has changed and you should save locally and THEN, once saved, move your file to your network drive.


Thank you!

I suggested that 15 hours ago but it apparently went unnoticed.