Sketchup 2023 Crashing

My SketchUp has now crashed twice in the last week.
Different projects. Both time losing multiple hours of work.
This one was especially annoying because finding the solution was a labor in its own right. Is there a way to set up more frequent backup files. At least in the past when I had crashing files I could always open the backup (my past crashing issue was never resolved but this is different)


Did You get a bugsplat and send it with your email address? If so it is possible to track it. If SketchUp was not responding, give it more time instead of closing it. Ctrl+S is an easy way to save while you are working.

I did not send it to myself. But I think I might be able to now. It crashes everytime I try to reopen the file too (from my last save time which was thursday) so I just save a copy and open it

It is entirely possible there is something wrong with part of the model. Upload it to the forum so it can be examined and possibly fixed. See my previous post I left out the word address.

@d0-agree, regarding your question about more frequent saves, you can configure SketchUp to auto-save. See attached image… In the menu under Window > Preferences > General, you’ll see Auto-save. Set the time interval to your maximum tolerance for loss of work. I’m getting frequent crashes with 2023 too so I set my auto-save to 2 minutes. Saving that frequently slows me down a bit but I’m no longer losing a lot of work.

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Same Issue constant crashes

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Did you correctly install SketchUp? What is the graphics card in the computer? Are the drivers up to date?

Clean Install, performed the SketchUp System App and it stated I could use a faster graphics card. Drivers are up to date. Hanging in there with it as it seems to crash when going to Warehouse and saving some components I created. Fairly new to program so doing all the classes, Youtube and books to get more proficient. Mainly using for cabinetry builds.

What are the exact specs for your system… do some digging.

You may want to delete your last post, personal information is shown. The spam bots love it!

I had 43 crashes in one day doing a shadow study. Pretty basic geometry. This is bad, never before has SketchUp worked so poorly.

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Did you get Bug Splats? Did you send them in with something to identify they came from you? If so, @colin could look them up and give you an idea of what caused the problem.

I really wonder when they will update 2023 with fixes…I’m not working with 2023 cause of all the bugs. I had maybe one bugsplat with 2022 in a year. They messed things up…


I’ve sent several splats. But haven’t over the last few, because of redundancy.

Alternatively, I’ve opened the same file within SketchUp 8 Pro and it runs like a dream. Because these projects are pretty barebones having less background noise streamlines the process.

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Any progress on this? Really causing issues with productivity. Have had to revert back to older versions to compensate.

Keep sending them in despite the redundancy. Number of reported splats is one of the things the developers use to decide what to prioritize.


I face same problems of frequent crashes. Maybe my system is not good enough but 2022 worked perfect

Do send in your bugsplats with your contact info. The SketchUp folks, @colin , for instance, might have a clue by looking at them.

I also have issues with frequent crashing. I switch back to 2022 with the same file and had zero problems. It doesn’t generate a bug splat every time either.


It’s not your systeem, 2023 sucks. But we’ll get our money back, that’s a very good gesture of Trimble.