2023 Constantly Crashing


2023 constantly crashes and its driving mental. It will crash up to 20 times session and I have deleted the entire programme and reinstalled it multiple times. God knows why they ask for the details on bugsplat as clearly they aren’t doing anything about it.

I’ve read other threads about the same issue and have seen suggested fixes but they are so technical and I would have zero clue how to do any of the things suggested. I’d just like the programme that I paid for to work as advertised. Previous years have not had these problems, has anyone found an easy fix? Or had actual support from Trimble?

The OS you are using isn’t officially supported by sketchup 2023, that may be causing the crashes, have you installed extensions? Some extensions also can cause crashes.

AFAIK the developers collect bugsplats but don’t automatically respond to them. Did you file a technical support request? @colin has access to them, he might look yours up and have a clue.

I get a lot of crashes as well. If loading a file and clicking a scene immediately, it will crash. I did not have this issue with 2022.


I think it may have something to do with OneDrive. Currently I have all the files stored locally on my machine on an SSD. When I hit save, it will automatically update on OneDrive and if I’m trying to do a lot of things quickly after hitting save, it will crash.

Anyone got any ideas?

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I understand the developers are aware of the scene change crashes but have not yet got to the bottom of it, as it affects relatively few users. I read that enabling scene transitions could help as a workaround.

I’ll try that out thanks. I have had scene transitions turned off for years now.

We have found that the crashing when changing scenes is triggered by Scan Essentials. If you have that enabled, and either don’t use it, or are not using it for now, go into Extension Manager and disable the extension.

Colin, I never said thank you. This did correct my issue and it also seems as the the SU-Team has patched the issue.