2023 Sketchup Crashing Repeatedly

Is anyone else having issues with SketchUp 2023 repeatedly crashing? I am finding that it happens most frequently when updating my scenes and saving (so that I can make updates to my drawing in layout).

Sketchup must have crashed a dozen times just this morning. I send the error report every time. Anyone know something I can do to help remedy this issue?

The model is not that complex, and I have used it frequently without having this issue.

Me! I’m having similar problems with crashes after switching scenes. Also problems with tool trays going “inactive” (frozen) on my second monitor. Now having problems with Layout for the first time this morning (VERY slow to update models).

I’ve heard rumors that Trimble is aware of the problems and are working on fixes, but they can’t happen too early!

Same issue with scenes causing the crash. usually larger models. Very buggy 23.0.4. I’ve have updated all drivers

Same issue here! A little frustrating i would say.

Sketchup 2001 is a non-existent version that is incompatible with the 234 operating system and the wwq graphics card.

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