SU 2023 Scenes causing constant Bug Splats

Hi all,

I need some much needed advice on how to resolve the constant bug splats that I’m experiencing with SU 2023. I very rarely had any bug splats on 2022, it worked an absolute dream so for this to be happening on 2023 I’m very suprised and confused as to why.

It’s typically happening when I update a scene, with even the smallest of changes, I click on another scene and boom, bug splat. It’s becoming such an issue that my workflow is starting to struggle.
I’m not sure if it has something to do with any of the extensions I’m running or if when I copy a model from my colleague (who works on a mac, I’m on pc) or something to do with my set up, non of these have been an issue before on 2022.

I’ve reported the last bug splat, crash #129494 if it helps?

Sketchup is part of my main daily workflow and I can’t be without it, I have a heavy workload and would love to get to the bottom of this as soon as I can.

Any advice would be very welcome plus happy to answer any questions.

Thanks everyone!

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Please start by updating your forum profile! Correct info there helps us help you. As is, your post and your profile contain conflicting info about what configuration is involved in the crashes.

Hi slbaumgartner,

Thanks for your message.
I’ve updated my profile as requested, does that help at all?

I started a thread ( SU21Pro - Changes in Scene Settings Crashes SU - SketchUp / Pro - SketchUp Community)about this a while back as I am having the same problem. If I update the scene and select a new scene directly after interacting with the scene window, SU crashes. If I select the anywhere else or rotate the view, it is usually fine.

My windows are on a different monitor and do not function unless I close all of them and reopen each one for each session. Unfortunately, I will not share the file even though I was assured that Dave would respect my (NDA). Sharing the file would be me not respecting my clients wishes and a breach of confidence that I am not willing to commit.

Me too. The model doesn’t seem to matter, it happens with various models. And it doesn’t always happen. But it does happen many times a day: scene change > bug splat. I post the bug splat, so far no response.


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Hi jonb42 & Victim_of_Ramen,

Apologies for the radio silence since my last post.

Having read a few more comments in other posts and various Google searches that I think I’ve come to the conclusion that it is more than likely to be an SU software issue rather than and Windows/Nvidia etc issue.
I’ve been using the same pc set up since SU2020 and haven’t had bug splats like this before.
I think selecting anywhere else or moving the view before going to another scene work around might have to do until the next update or patch.
I’m guessing that the developers must be seeing some of this chat across the forums so lets hope it gets fixed soon.

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Yes, I am having the same problem. It never happened to me when I was using 2022.

Just disable the generation of scene thumbnails and your splats should be reducing to a minimum.

If you don’t want to turn them off, then you’ll have to wait for the regen.

Hope this solves it.