Sketchup 2024 bug splat

Hi I’ve recently upgraded from 2023 to 2024 and have had nothing but crashes since. When I scale objects, move objects, the bug splats are moments away. i unloaded my typical extensions, reverted to classic graphics card, still not working.
Additionally I can’t get into 2023 now and so am stuck.

Hi @pstevens thanks for the post and sorry to hear about the bugsplats. If you have a number associated with the bugsplat we have a few people on the forums who have access to the system and can see what it says. They may be able to get you some answers. Do you have any numbers you can share with us?

Once we have those in hand we can start looking into it but without those, we won’t be able to assist you as we have no idea what is causing the crash. Also, if you have not already done so, consider reaching out to support. They can help narrow things down too.

Crash #41474

Hmm… have you had other versions of SketchUp 2024 on your machine?