SU21Pro - Changes in Scene Settings Crashes SU

I am experiencing an issue that has become a persistent headache.
In any scene, if I update the scene(with or without making changes), selecting any of the scene tabs crashes the software unless I highlight the workspace and orbit around the model a bit. It forces me to save after almost every change in order to not lose work.

I realize that there could be an issue within my work itself, but I am unable find a solution on my own. Can anyone else recreate this issue in SU21 Pro? For reference, I have an entire house in this model as I usually do: 21MB. Thanks for checking this out and my apologies if anyone has already addressed this.

Please upload the model to the forum. This will allow an exact answer to your dilemma.

Thank you for replying. I knew a request to post the file was coming should have prepped before posting. I am in the process of getting permission to post the file from my client.

In the meantime, I started copying and pasting objects from the original file to a new one to see if anything trips the bug as I add them. I’m going to try to identify and resolve the issue when I get a chance, but for now, I just have to press on with the slight workaround. Thanks again for looking.

If need be attach the file or send a link to it via a PM to @DaveR. He will respect the nda …

I’ve got an end user with a similar issue , but in 2023. I’m waiting on an example file from them , it sounded like an odd one.
I wonder what you both have in common for it to happen