Bug - SU 2024 Crashing every time I try to create a scene

My file is crashing every time I try to create a scene in SU24. I had some existing scenes from SU 23 which I deleted and then purged all and saved. When trying to create a new scene, the previous scenes temporarily appear below the toolbar and then the model crashes. I have tried the following:

Cut entire model and dropped into new, clean model space
Purged all
Changed styles
Scan Essentials data loaded and unloaded
All tags off/on
No hidden entities

Not sure what to do now.


I have got it to work by turning ‘Include in animation’ off.

Same thing for me. I tried unchecking “include in animation”, restarting, etc., crashed every time.

Eventually I went into styles and clicked and said “update style” and then no more crashing.


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