Unexpected File Format - Help Please

Can anyone recover this file?

Link for download: Dropbox - 640 Lesay-Blatne-obyvacka,kuchyna 1a.zip - Simplify your life

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Sketchup Pro 2020
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Good deal. I wasn’t able to open it but @colin sometimes has success.

Have you been saving and working on the file to/from the cloud?

It was saved to Synology NAS with Cloud Sync app to Dropbox. We used this 5 years withouth problems with team 12 people on LAN, but now I gave one new NAS colleague at home, and she is only connected via WIFI so far, so there will probably be a problem …

This seems to be a fairly common reason for corrupted files. It only takes a microsecond to lose important data and render a file unreadable. Best workflow is to download files to an internal drive, open it from there to work on it and save it locally. Then when finished, upload back to the cloud. This prevents data dropout during saves and even if there is a dropout while uploading the file to the cloud, the original is still stored locally and should be fine.

As is often the case, I recovered the file to get all the materials and components, but nothing appears in the scene. Here’s the recovered file, for what it’s worth:

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Thank you. But main work was not component… so one again :frowning: