SU21 Not Actually Saving Work

I upgraded SU2021 Pro on two separate machines and have been modeling over the last two weeks with them.

There have been multiple occurrences where I have lost entire days worth of work because I’m hitting save all day long and do not get any error messages, but when I look the next day it is gone. There are no read only errors and I thought I was going crazy at first but I literally keep making the same edits over and over to find they are gone the next day and timestamped before I started even working on it. What the heck is going on?

Where is the file being saved to? Is the location a local drive (on your PC) or a network dirve (somewhere in the cloud)?

It is being saved to the office server (not cloud based)

The office server is still a remote drive. It is recommended that you save and open files from your local drive… then backup to your server after you exit SketchUp. Any hiccup in transmitting to your server while saving could cause you file to become corrupted.