Can not save models to documents folder mapped to second HDD

11/29/2020 Just posted this plea for help yesterday and instead of help, SU moderators here flagged it a spam or advertising. WHAT EPISODE OF THE TWILIGHT ZONE IS THIS???
This is a simple and I think well written plea for help. If this is the kind of support SU currently offers, what the heck are we paying for??? Please help me explain this nonsense!

I am new to SU and already contacted support but they did not seem to understand the problem.
My system is a windows 10 latest update, how with the new 2021 SU but this also was true in 2020. I have a classic license not the subscription if that matters, dont see why.
In my system i have two ssd drives one is C: the other is E: I have always mapped non system essential folders like documents, contacts, etc to drive E: to keep drive C: where programs and temp files are located small and fast!!!
After installing SU 2020 about a month ago, I am a newbie. I have not been able to save my docs to this mapped hard drive. It appears in the programs files panel and in the panel I can navigate to that folder, so the problem does not seem to be access. And you can see by the error message it even says it sees that folder. The issue is that the save program in SU seems to want that file name to already exist in that folder, because it is not saying the folder can not be found it is saying the folder in that file can not be found like it is expecting that file to already be present and just wants to update it. something is either clearly wrong with the program save in SU or I am an idiot. Please tell me which and help me with a solution. I currently need to save to my desktop, then move the folder to the correct E: directory from which SU has no problem update thereafter.
See screen shot:

That would have been me in support that didn’t understand things. I did understand what you were saying, and had asked a question to try to narrow down the problem. No need to reply now, you have a lot more people giving answers here.

The path in preferences is where SketchUp will save a file if you don’t tell it to go somewhere else. It should cope with going somewhere else.

The question I had asked you was about where do these two paths go to?:



Those are usually in a particular place, and if they are in a custom place for you, I was worried that maybe SketchUp was looking in the wrong place for some files.

You can copy each one into File Explorer, then hit Enter, and see what the full path is.