Sketch Up won't save. "Doesn't appear to be a Sketch up File"

Hi there,

Im running 2021 SU on Windows 11. Ive been using SU for years but it has just started to not save my files properly. Recnetly i lost a file i had been working on for hours. While im using the program it saves fine and i check its location but then when i open the file it says “THis does not seem to be a Sketch up file”. Ive tried reinstalling 2020 and using the skb by changing it to a skp but to no avail. Now it wont save any file for some reason. It seems fine until i go to open it again. So now im at a stand still until i resolve the issue…

heres the file:

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Where are you saving? These kinds of errors tend to happen when saving directly to the cloud or to a cloud-linked folder. It is best to save to a local folder and back up to the cloud when finished.

The file appears to be a random section of your drive. It isn’t any one file type, it’s bits and pieces from several files, none of which are SketchUp files.