Please Help! Cant find file

So i was drawing and it suddenly hang/stuck for a long time…i keep pressing the save button as i scare that my file will go missing.the SAVE button on the left side did change to SAVED but when i close the window and reopen it, my building missing… only a + button show up in the middle… idk what’s wrong :frowning:

Look for a file of the same name with extension .skb
Change the extension to .skp
If necessary, change the file name too. (i.e. if the original is HOUSE.skp, change HOUSE.skb to HOUSE1.skp

This will restore the file in the state it was in before your last save. You may have to do a few hour’s work over, but that’s better than redoing the whole thing. Also, (and this is very important), be sure you have Auto-save turned on. That’s in Window/Preferences/General. I have my models auto-saved every ten minutes.

where to look for the file? you mean from my desktop? but i’m using ;(

Yeah, you’re probably out of luck. If you had SU on your computer, there would be backup files (filename.SKB). But on the web? I have no idea.

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