Does SketchUp Save a Temp file anywhere on local disk (other than Autosave)?

Hi There,
so, I know about Autosave, but our IT guy at work just accidentally deleted a whole folder on our server and all it’s subsequent backups and I have lost A LOT of work. Unfortunately, the Autosave files were all automatically saving in the same location as the original model, so there is absolutely nothing to work from. Any chance that there is some sort of other temp file buried in my local disk?


Are you still using SketchUp 2017 as indicated in your profile?

Yes, workplace software

Unfortunately you may be out of luck. There were some changes made with SketchUp 2019 (see this thread) That, had you been using SU2019, might have helped but I think with SU2017 there’s not much hope. If nothing has been done to the drive since the IT guy worked on it, it might be possible for a data recovery service to do something.

■■■■. Thanks. Gotta ask for that upgrade I guess.

You should also be working locally and manually backing up to the server. That would have left you with your local copy, but also avoids corrupt files that often occur on synced drives or servers.