Which iPad

HI Guys

I am thinking about buying an iPad for our fitters to use on site to check model dimensions - refer to drawings etc.

Is there a preferred model to purchase? i.e. is the Pro with an M1 chip the clear choice?

Also - am I correct in assuming that SketchUp models created on a PC can be loaded onto an iPad - I appreciate that any point clouds used will not load.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


iPad M1 is pretty good, and likely to be a lot better with more demanding SketchUp models than the previous iPads.

One thing though, I wouldn’t go shopping today. The Apple developer conference start in the morning, and improvements to iPad are in the list of things that some people think will be announced.

For transferring from PC to iPad, publishing to Trimble Connect on the PC would make the models show up under Trimble Connect on the iPad.

Thank you Colin.

I have never looked at Trimble Connect.

I currently store all my SketchUp projects in a dedicated PC folder on an SSD and sync that folder daily to a corresponding folder on a separate drive within my main OneDrive folder.

Is Trimble connect essentially a cloud storage system? If so does it have any advantages over Microsofts OneDrive?

Thanks again.

Each of the subscriptions comes with unlimited Trimble Connect storage. Trimble Connect itself has various tools for collaborating and viewing models online, so it does do more than OneDrive on its own can do. If you are only using it as a way to transfer files between devices, then there not too much difference, but to be able to model on iPad and immediately see the updates on your PC could be useful.

Aaron did an overview of the features in this video:

It’s three years old, and so no mention of the iPad version, but it should help to explain what Trimble Connect is good for.

Perfect - thank you Colin :+1:

Trimble Connect isn’t in sync in realtime though, you can sync it periodically or manually. OneDrive is always synced.

You can publish a model from SU directly to Trimble Connect in desktop though.

You can also work from OneDrive in ipad Files app . AdOnce you save in SketchUp iPad it’s available in desktop too.