Insert local components

Is it still “the way” to upload components to 3d warehouse first to be able to insert them in the iPad model?

If so, is it on the roadmap to insert them from other file services? Using 3d warehouse for my local component library is a bit cumbersome for me.

You could use Trimble Connect. Make a folder of components of a certain category, save them in that folder, copy and paste into your model. @DaveR showed an example in another thread of his drawer pulls, but I don’t know if his folder was in Trimble Connect (It could be in Trimble Connect and backed up later on a desktop hard drive. @colin put some ideas in this thread: Reloading Components - SketchUp for Web / SketchUp Go - SketchUp Community

My collections of components like the one you refer to are saved locally on my PC and backed up to Trimble Connect. When I use those components I’m accessing them from the local folder. This is with SketchUp on Desktop, though.

I guess that I might be doing things wrong. I download a skp and save to Trimble Connect. I pull from both places but mainly from Trimble Connect. So far I have had no problems.

Then it’s not wrong. I make all of my components and don’t use any from the Warehouse. Any that I think I might use again get saved into one of my local collections.

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I seemed to have figured it out, I used to have to upload to a private folder in 3D Warehouse, but now things have improved significantly:

  1. My OneDrive was acting up and I could only view, but not import components. That has been solved without my intervention.

  2. Both your mention about Trimble Connect confused me, until I noticed the bottom tab when importing, letting us choose between files an Trimble Connect. I am still getting used to Trimble Connect, because I am old school and am always wary that data costs money. A very nice feature!

So, things have improved, all working perfectly now.

It does. But you have paid for it with your subscription.

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That’s what baffles me and I figured out very late in the game. No idea how much data is included, but this opens a lot of opportunities. I don’t know if I just missed this important feature when introduced, or the marketing could have been better in telling us that free data indeed comes with connect. Very happy with this.

With your Pro subscription you get unlimited storage on Trimble Connect. It is described in the plans on the site. There are a number of benefits to saving your models to Trimble Connect. One I find very useful is that every time you save your file to TC an incremental save is made. This means you can always go back to an earlier version if needed.

I think just rolling from one pro year to another I never noticed the change. The name came up but was never triggered to investigate. I did notice the version management and have it on my backlist to see how that may help me. Probably a good idea to change from saving locally/onedrive to Trimble now (onedrive also does version management somewhat, but probably less useable in this setting). Thanks Dave, this encourages me to start incorporating this in my workflow.

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