Component Browser?

I’ve looked in every nook and cranny (I think) but I’m wondering if there is a component tray or browser accessible so I can select and place components that aren’t already in the workspace?


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Hi @micthorn, thanks for posting the question here to the forums, and welcome to SketchUp for iPad.

The iPad app does not yet offer a Components panel or Outliner.

When looking to bring in components that are not already in the workspace, are you looking to import components from the In Model library, or are you looking for a more full-blown components panel that offers options to browse locally stored & managed component libraries?

Browse locally stored just like the desktop. I’m opening older drawings from the previous iPad viewer version that have tons of different components that I’d like to replace, but unless I have a copy of each visible on the work plane I’ve got no way to select them or edit attributes like glue, etc. I’m not complaining—this is a great program.

Thanks for the additional info!
We’ve got a nice little discussion going on over here about that…